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The rescue of 33 miners in Chile and perseverance of President of this country,
Sebastian Piñera, is an event that marked the news of 2010.
The Chilean example of courage in the face of adversity was an inspiration to
the whole of humanity facing its own obstacles of life.
LeStudio1.com awards to the 33 minors and the President Sebastian Piñera
the mention of Personality of the Year 2010.
Link official website Government of Chile ;
Link story - The Wall Street Journal ;
Link story - The New York Times;
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Photo: Miners with the President of Chile
Person of the Year 2010
The painter Winston McQuade inaugurated in 2010 the 27th exhibition
of his art works. Winston had a distinguished career in television but
he decided, some ten years ago, to return to his status as a professional artist
in visual arts and rekindle a passion that animated him since the days when
he attended the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Quebec.
The style of Winston McQuade is as great as artists such
Armand Vaillancourt, Vittorio and Diane Dufresne.
Winston is the father of the popular television presenter Penelope McQuade.
Link to personal website of Winston McQuade ;
Link story on painters in Québec - Rue Frontenac
Photo Winston McQuade
Personality of Art 2010
For the second consecutive year, the title as media of the Year is awarded to
the website Rue Frontenac. This news website was created to pressure
Quebecor in the labor dispute at Journal de Montreal (lockout). However, the site
became one of the best in Montreal amongst all news websites. Many are wondering once
the dispute is settled, if the website should be retained or closed?
Several readers want the site to become permanent and independent of the work conflict.
Link website Rue Frontenac
Photo newsroom website Rue Frontenac
Author Louise Penny is a former journalist at the CBC turned author of thrillers.
Her style is dynamic and the action of her novels take place in Quebec.
In all, the writer has published six books including one translated into French.
The quality of her novels is similar to that of the great authors in the field as Kathy Reichs
John Grisham and even in some respects of Dan Brown.
Link to personal website of Louise Penny ;
Link photo album Salon du livre de Montréal - LeStudio1.com
Photo Louise Penny
Personality Society 2010
Personality Book 2010
If she was not the wife of the Prime Minister of Quebec,
Michèle Dionne-Charest could make a career as a photographer because
the quality of photos is excellent. She unveiled her talent
in 2010 following the publication of a book produced to raise money for
the organization that she supports (Red Cross) but it is clear that her
talent in photography could be applied to other subjects not
connected to a social cause and only to photography.
Link photos of Michèle Dionne Charest - LeStudio1.com
Photo Michèle Dionne and Jean Charest by Bernard Bujold (2010)
Personality Television 2010
At times of personal conflicts and the lack of strong family ties,
the couple Rene Angelil and Celine Dion is a model for our society,
both personally and professionally.
Since 1981, the couple artist-manager shares a global success
whose responsibility is due equally to each of the two personalities who
respects the other's abilities. On the family front, Celine and Rene gave birth
in 2010 to twins who brought to three the total number of their children.
A remarkable success in a world of artists that is too often superficial.
Link to photo albums of Céline Dion and René Angélil - LeStudio1.com ;
Link to personal website of Céline Dion
Photo René Angélil and Céline Dion by Bernard Bujold (2009)
Personality Media 2010
Personality Photography 2010
The 33 miners and the President of Chile
Winston McQuade, painter
Louise Penny - author of thrillers
Rue Frontenac - News Website
Céline Dion and René Angélil
Michèle Dionne-Charest
The actress Chantal Fontaine was, with producer and writer Fabienne Larouche, responsable
for the phenomenal success of the Quebec television series, Virginie.
The series began in 1996 and Chantal Fontaine was the main character until 2008
when a personal dispute between the producer and the actress ended her presence to the
TV screen. Even with this event, Chantal Fontaine's contribution remains one of the reason for
the success of the series.
Chantal Fontaine will return to the screen during the last two shows on December 15 and 16
at Radio-Canada. The series will then be taken off the air permanently.
Link story Virginie - La Presse ;
Link story Chantal Fontaine's coming back
Photo Chantal Fontaine - La Presse
Chantal Fontaine and the team of Virginie
Personality Restaurant 2010
Among the leaders who have influenced our lifestyle in 2010, some merit must go to
Steve Jobs of Apple and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook.
Apple computers have revolutionized our lives from the simple camera phone
iPhone to the reader of books and newspapers iPad and to the newborn
MacBook Air.
For its part, Facebook has transformed our habits of communication with our
surroundings and the social network provided a new definition
to the concept of human relations on planet Earth ...
Link to website Apple ;
Link to blog Steve Jobs ;
Link to Facebook page Mark Zuckerberg ;
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(Photo Steve Job and Mark Zuckerberg
Steve Jobs (Apple) and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)
Special Mentions 2010
The Catholic Church beatified in 2010 the founder of St. Joseph's Oratory in Montreal,
Brother Andre. The Catholic Church gives to the religious the power to do miracles
but beyond this recognition, we must also recognize the talents of the politician that was
St. Brother Andre who, despite very modest origins and his status of church's doorman,
managed to convince his higher authorities to build and finance the monument that is today
the St-Joseph Oratory. This is evidence of the great political skill of Saint Brother Andre,
who had managed to bring people together around the project.
Link to St-Joseph's Oratory of Montréal
Photo Saint Frère André
Saint Brother André
Personality Politics 2010
The restaurant business is a difficult one and does not become restaurateur who wants.
Jérôme Ferrer managed to prevail in this sector and he has opened in
2010 his latest creation, the Birks Cafe in a luxury jewelry store downtown Montreal.
This cafe is an addition to his other restaurants whose success depends on the quality
of the menu inspired by French cuisine. Bravo and Bon appetit ...
Link photo album of Birks Café's opening night - LeStudio1.com;
Link to personal website of Jérôme Ferrer
Photo Jérôme Ferrer by Bernard Bujold (2010)
Jérôme Ferrer - chief and restaurant owner
Here are the links, biographies and motivations of each selection for the
Personalities of the year 2010 - LeStudio1.com
Personalities of the years 2010
Chloe Sainte-Marie and Gilles Carle are the stars of the art exhibition:
"Parce que c'est lui." Hundreds of photographs and drawings made by Gilles
are exposed at the Bonsecours Market in Montreal (admission free - South Gate).
The exhibition runs until April 1st before leaving on tour across Quebec.
An important art event which started in 2010.
Link photo album of the opening night - LeStudio1.com
Photo Gilles Carle and Chloe Sainte-Marie by Pierre Dury (2002)
Personality Event 2010
Art Exhibition Gilles Carle and Chloe Sainte-Marie
LeStudio1.com also awarded the title of the Media of the Year 2010 to Wikileaks website.
This site created by Julian Assange have as mission to reveal the truth to the public.
The fundamental question arises: Should all truth be made public?
The site Wikileaks does not invent anything, it only reveals information that would have
otherwise be kept secret by the authorities around the world. Wikileaks is journalism in its
purest form. The information without makeup. The criminal charges against its founder do not
alter the role and usefulness of the website.
Note that the story of Julian Assage looks at many levels to that character's Mikael Blomkvist
by Stieg Larsson (Millennium).
Lien site Wikileaks ;
Link story -The New York Times ;
Link story about sources - The New York Times ;
Link interview Julian Assange - Forbes (November 2010)
Photo Julian Assange
Wikileaks and Julian Assange - News Website