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    Well, it's been awhile since i've talked about myself, I don't know, has it?
    Regardless, I now feel compelled to talk about myself and let you all in on
    the man who is behind the blog, the truth and the answers straight from the
    horse's mouth...wait no let me take that back, No, see that is the beauty
    behind blogs, it's unedited, uncensored.

    Without further due, here is the interview performed by myself on myself,
    while the former is not grammatically correct, I assure you the interview is
    well worth it.

    David Interview (Part 1 of 2)

    Interviewer(Herein stated as IV): David, how are you?

    David: Good thanks, how are you?

    IV: I don't assume you really care but i'm good nonetheless.

    David: Excellent.

    IV: Did you have any influences as a child? Role models for example?

    David: I did, my father was a great influence to me, he taught me a lot of things
    and although he was often busy working, he was still verily concerned with me
    and my family's wellbeing, for that matter, so was my mother, I was very
    fortunate to have a loving family.

    IV: Well, sounds like you had a good childhood?

    David: It was pretty good, I mean, my parents did get divorced, but I suppose
    the statistic on that is what, about 50% of couples back then got divorced?
    Anyways, they were always loving toward me and my sister.

    IV: Okay, so aside from your parents, did you have any favorite cartoons as a kid?

    David: Well, Astroboy was a favorite, so was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles,
    and He-Man and
    the Masters of the Universe.

    IV: Nice, didn't you like My Little Pony as well?

    David: Who told you that?! This interview is over!

    IV: OKAY OKAY, Sorry, forget I mentioned it. How about first loves?

    David: Well, I suppose my first childhood crush was Martine, I had the biggest
    crush on her, and she gave me a piggee back ride, she was older of course,
    I never forgot her.

    IV: There something special about childhood loves isn't there?

    David: Yeah, something about living in the moment, not worrying about the
    future, truly wonderful the mind of a child is.

    IV: Okay, what about after that, growing up in Moncton after your parents got
    divorced and you moved to Moncton with your mother and sister?

    David: Well, what else is there to say, I moved here, got married and...wait no,
    that was a dream. No after I moved here, nothing much happened after that.

    IV: Did you get a job and did you like it? What was it like?

    David: Well, my first job was at McDonald's. Indeed it was an adventure,
    most people who work at McDonald's don't really care about what happens at
    McDonald's or the customer, I didn't either.

    IV: Well, that covers a lot of the 1990's, how about MC Hammer, where does
    he fall into all of this?

    David: You're an idiot.

    IV: Point taken. Any musical influences?

    David: If always liked The Prodigy, now I also like The Vines, Billy Talent,
    Linkin Park, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Rage Against The Machine.

    IV: Nice, alright, well, this part of the interview is over. Until next.
    David: My pleasure.
                                                       (End of Part I)
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    An interview with David The Blogger... ( Part II )

    Well, here I was again, just wasting away another Saturday because of a
    lack of ambition when I thought...I should be blogging. So I chose to come
    sit down with my Diet Coke and to explain the man that is I, again, but in a
    different style, a sobering style.

    Interviewer(Herein stated as IV): So what made you come back to the
    interview table again and open up to us, divulge yourself and explain what
    it's like to be an introvert?

    David: Actually I am an introvert, and as you guessed, it was a substantial
    effort to come back to the interview table to open myself up again, because
    I don't do that readily to just anyone, but there is a certain comfort in the
    indirectness of blogging and the internet in general.

    IV: Indeed there is, but what is it that you wanted to accomplish by doing this?

    David: Well, principaly just for people to know who I am and what I stand for,
    what I believe in, I suppose those were my only goals going into this project.

    IV: Interesting, So what is close to your heart or "hits close to home"-style
    important to you?

    David: I have always been vehemently anti-racist. Growing up in Orleans,
    Ottawa, Ontario; I had no real racist aspect to my life since it is soo
    multi-cultured there, which was great. I was introduced to race at a very
    young age, looking back on it, it does influence your view on it as you get
    older, because it becomes natural to you, or it did to me anyways.

    IV: I see, so racism, or rather Anti-Racism, is a topic that is very important
    to you, any others?

    David: Racism, like Facism, like Sexism, Any Prejudice really pisses
    me off! I guess it really stems from the fact that Prejudice is Ignorant and
    Ignorance is one of my other pet peeves, but it's more then that.
    I just cannot accept the fact the one culture of humans could possibly ever
    be better in any way then another because of a
    supposed superior skin color. It's ridiculous.

    IV: Wow, okay, well, I guess we've opened pandora's box with this?

    David: You don't even know...

    IV: Why don't you tell me?

    David: I also dislike people who view their Religion as the sole best and
    only right religion in the world. Listen, I am a Catholic, I don't go and tell
    Jewish people that they are wrong in their beliefs, nor do I attack upon
    the character of an Anglican person, or a Muslim for that matter as they
    seem to be targeted more now since September 11th 2001.

    IV: But wouldn't you agree that there are some bad Muslims out there that
    should be locked up for the greater good and safety of the rest of us?

    David: Well yes, there are some bad Muslims, just like there are some
    bad Catholics, you aren't exempt from the law because of your religion,
    if you break the law or do something terroristic, I believe you should be
    punished by whichever authority catches you!

    IV: So what about George W. Bush?

    David: Ughh, how in the hell could have ever been re-elected, I could
    understand stealing one election, but once you've been labeled a
    War Criminal by the international community, I just believe he should
    have been impeached along time ago, I don't support his administration
    at all.

    IV: So you're a passive, war-allergic liberal?

    David: Passive, No. But War-Allergic Liberal, well, I am a liberal. I strongly
    believe in socialist values, but I wouldn't say I am completely anti-war,
    there are sometimes when armed force is necessary. I think a great example
    of this would be the Rwandan Genocide which could have been prevented if
    Industrialized nations would have acted at that time. A great book on the
    subject and the man I admire who wrote it is "Shake Hands with the Devil"
    by Lt.-Gen. Roméo Dallaire".

    IV: Wow, that was a plug.

    David: Hey, Shut Up! It's my Blog.

    IV: Sorry Sir.

    David: Anyways, we'll have to do this again sometime.

    IV: So you'd participate in a second interview?

    David: Eventually. If my audience so wishes it.

    IV: David, thank you for your time.

    David: It's been my pleasure.
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