Tell your self how to live your life and leave other's lives alone!
I write this blog, as I do most blogs,
because of a hope that maybe someone
will stumble across it and think "Hmmm,
Maybe I shouldn't scold my child so much
for being independent and wanting to
party and go out with friends all the time."
or maybe "Yeah, I can see how I’m very
judgmental and maybe I should lighten up
a bit and not be so hard on others in my
surrounding.", My point is that maturity
breeds tolerance. Now as I say this, it is
not because I want to control the way
people act and think, but rather because I
like to encourage reasoning and
understanding. In simple words, Empathy
and Tolerance being a much fairer and
civilized way to live within the construct
of society. What I am saying might sound
like coercion, but it's more like
suggestion to MIND YOUR OWN
BUSINESS! Instead of wasting time trying
to convince others that our point of view
is the right one and our beliefs are
correct and others beliefs are wrong, we
should simply live with the acceptance
that the whole of society will never follow
only one train of thought, one belief, one

I hear this all the time "Ohh those darn
smokers, I hate smokers and the effect
they have on the area around us". Well
here's what I believe, Smokers are NOT
bad people, they are not any lesser of a
person then you or I are. Now I still
respect the non-smoker's right to not be
subjected to second-hand smoke, but
after that, smokers should be treated just
like every non-smoker.

Another example is Alcoholics, Just
because Alcoholics have an addiction to
Alcohol does not make them any less of a
person in life or shameful group of our
society, no more then Chocoholics are, or
Overeaters are. None of these types of
people are "bad" or "flawed" people. The
fact that anyone becomes addicted to
anything is not a flaw and does not make
them flawed, it makes them human.

Humans, as noble as we can become,
and as great as the accomplishments we
make, we still remain humans. We must
understand that we can't expect more
out of others then we expect out of
ourselves, and even if we expect less,
we're still not guaranteed to get even
that! As the Great One "Mahatma" Gandhi
once said: "You must be the change you
wish to see in the world."

Being human affords us a quality of
variable shades of gray. Not black, nor
white. In the sense of everything in life.
There are no completely black
(presumably evil) or white (presumably
holy) people anywhere. We all have good
parts and bad parts and while I’m not
advocating complete passiveness in an
extreme, I do believe that we cannot ever
be godlike or for that matter luciferianlike!

Society in general should live their lives
however they want. Be it as a smoker,
alcoholic, an over-eating obese person,
"Couch Potato", "kid-at heart",
recreational participant in certain
"activities", slacker, head-banger or any
other stereotype or combination of.

I strongly believe in what is regarded as
one of the" unalienable rights of man",
what is written in the United-States
Declaration of Independence, I speak of
"Life, liberty and the pursuit of
happiness". Which I believe invokes the
right to generally do what we want (while
not hurting others).

I will end this post by quoting Lavar
Burton when he hosted Reading Rainbow.
The premise being that we should check
out the facts for ourselves and make up
our own mind about things life, hence ...
But don't take my word for it!
David - - Montréal