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Personalities of the year 2010
December 1,  2010

Person of the Year - The 33 miners and the Président of Chile

Personality Event - Art Exhibition Gilles Carle - Chloé Ste-Marie

Personality Arts - Winston McQuade - Painter Artist

Personality Book - Louise Penny - Author of Thrillers

Personality Media - News Websites Rue Frontenac and Wikileaks

Personality Society - René Angélil and Céline Dion

Personality Photography - Michèle Dionne-Charest - Photographer

Personality Restaurant - Jérôme Ferrer - Chief and restaurant owner

Personnalité Television - Chantal Fontaine and the Virginie's team

Personality Politics - Saint Brother André

Spécial Mentions - Steves Jobs (Apple) and Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook)

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Personalities of the Year 2010

Photo montage by LeStudio1.com .
List Personalities of the Year 2010
At the end of every year, since 2005, LeStudio1.com awards its titles Personalities of the year.
Our selection is based on the achievements and most importantly, according to human values
shown by the winning personalities. Our choices are also influenced in regards of activities for
which our website is particularly interested.

Photo by LeStudio1.com - Polar Bear Place Ville Marie in Montreal.
Congratulations to the Personalities of 2010 - LeStudio1.com
and Happy New Year 2011

Picture: Mademoiselle X and the four mascots LeStudio1.com: Goguie, Monsieur X, Miss Gym and
Ulysse the Dog with the creator of LeStudio1.com,  Bernard Bujold, in front of the Christmas tree at Place
Ville-Marie in Montreal. Notice in front of the tree, Sata Claud who observes the scene...