Television advertising
    By David
    Another season for more useless television

    Hello folks,
    As I write today, this New Year's day, I wish you all happy holidays. From the Christians,
    the Jewish people, the Muslims, the Buddhists and even the Agnostics...
    the Atheists, well, you don't really deserve any well wishing, except for maybe a
    pat on the back if you participate in Christmas gift giving, because at least in doing
    so, you are helping our economy, nevertheless I wish you all a happy new year.

    Now I don't watch that much Television usually, maybe five to six hours a week maximum excluding
    movies. I really don't have that much time to watch TV, but
    what really gets me going is when I see supposed "public service announcements"
    from the government of Ontario (for the most part, god bless them), Who broadcast adverts telling
    all viewers in Canada that "It's not okay to accept verbal, physical or
    any other type of abuse from a boyfriend"....uhh...well DUH! Of course it's not, why
    do we need a commercial to tell us this? If your friend or someone you know has an abusive
    boyfriend and doesn't leave them, do them a favor, tell them to leave the relationship or you can
    give the guy a persuasive talk on the consequences of being abusive to a women yourself
    (kick his ass!).

    Now of course this could be seen as meddling in someone else's life (and normally
    I am against that kind of stuff, but in this situation, it is warranted). I believe it is the publics duty,
    nay, responsibility to look out for these people, when they are unable,
    or unwilling to do so themselves. To stand up for those who cannot or simply do not
    for whatever reason.

    Here is another type of advert that would upset me if I were (Still) an Ontarian. Commercials telling
    us "dumb” human beings about the hazards of smoking
    cigarettes. Now it's not as if we haven't learned enough about how bad cigarettes
    are in the last twenty years! But now, we have to be told these same facts over
    and over again. In these ad's (again paid for by the government of Ontario) we
    have these supposedly rebellious teenagers or young adults, who are going about
    trying to covertly plant all these signs or affiches about the "secret" dangers of smoking, the "4000
    chemicals in cigarettes" and planting them in public places so
    that unsuspecting hopefully (fingers crossed) smokers come across them and ...
    SHOCK! SURPRISE! ...what?! Suddenly realize the error of their ways and decide to begin cessation
    of their smoking activities? (Never mind the fact that Non-Smokers
    are being bothered by yet another non-smoking ad which doesn't affect them.)

    Any smoker will tell you, "facts about cigarette smoking" type commercials don't
    and will not work to stop them from smoking, because of two reasons. 1) Smokers already know
    smoking is bad for them, everyone does, it's never been a secret,
    even people who have never smoked a day in their life, cigars or other, know that smoking is
    bad for you. IT'S NOT A SECRET; everyone knows all these facts
    already. 2) Smokers are not stupid, I repeat, smokers are NOT STUPID! Some
    people assume that because smokers "smoke", they must be ignorant, or unaware
    of the fact that smoking is bad for you. This is not the case. Smokers are intelligent people too,
    they know the dangers of smoking and quite honestly, they just don't
    care! They smoke because they make a conscious decision to smoke, because
    they've evaluated the pros and cons and have decided to smoke anyway.
    It's hypocritical to think that smoking is different or worse then any other vice in life,
    be it: alcohol, smoking, junk food, certain recreational drugs, etc They all have their negative effects,
    but we need to leave people alone and let them live their lives as
    they see fit.

    My final point in this article is the following: We don't need stupid ads by anyone,
    telling people things we "should" already know. If anything, we need ads telling us things we
    don't know, telling us things that we might find useful. It should be up to
    the rest of us to inform people of the "common sense" things: e.g. telling a coworker that it's not
    acceptable for an employer to ask sexual favors in return for keeping
    your job. I think we could all be a little more socially responsible, and not waste taxpayer dollars
    telling us things that most of us already know, ad's that viewers will just skip through on their PVR's
    (Personal Video Recorders), because they've already seen the same ad seven times in the last hour.
    At the same time, our tax dollars could help out those less fortunate who don't have Cable or Satellite