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by Bernard Bujold
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by Bernard Bujold
You are on my personal photography
You will find here some of the images
from my collection.
The pictures are presented
in three Galleries Archive:
Portrait, Action and News.
«If the eyes are the mirror of the soul,
photography is a look into the soul!»
I estimate my collection of photographs at over 100,000
images taken since my teenage years, on film, slides or
My mother,
Anita Cyr, was an amateur
photographer and she inspired me. She was
taking pictures of the family every year
in front of our house, with a camera KODAK Brownie 620.
(See collection on her web page)
Among the great photographers of the world
that have been my mentors, my favorite is
Yousuf Karsh. I also met him few times
in person at the Château Laurier where
he had his studio, while I lived in Ottawa
The French photographer Cartier Bresson also
influenced me a lot.
At the equipment level, I started with a
simple Instamatic Kodak X-15.
Despite its simplicity, this device performed
miracles and some of my best photographs
were made with this camera.
Thereafter, I discovered the 35 mm film and I
used first a Minolta X-700 before switching to
Nikon's bodies like the F100 and F5.
Today, I use much lighter tools whose main
purpose is to take fully advantage of digital
technology and the Internet social media.
Cameras like the Compact
Canon G Powershot.
But the devices I consider most effective are
simple iPad and Apple iPhone.
There is also, of course, the famous
softwares Photoshop and Affinity...
I love photography and for me, this form
of expression is a way of reaching and
discovering the soul of the people from
everywhere in the world!
I invite you to visit the Photo Archive pages which
offer a summary of my photographic journey.
Click the Photo Archive link and see THE LIST,
a reminder of the names of the various subjects,
people and events I have photographed over the years.
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Ocean of life...
There is a tide in the affairs
of men.
Which taken at the flood,
leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage
of their life is bound
in shallows and in miseries...
-William Skakespeare
(Julius Caesar)