Anita Cyr (1922- 2005)
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Bernard Bujold is the creator of the WebSite
As a journalist-editor to LeStudio1.com, he photographed
several world-class events including equestrian competitions
of the International Bromont, Canada's Opens Tennis (Rogers Cup)
and Grand Prix F1 of Canada and hundreds of personalities such
Isabelle Adjani, Céline Dion, René Angélil, Gérard Depardieu,
Julie Depardieu, Sophia Loren, Brian Mulroney, Donald Trump
and many others.

From 1991 to 1998, he was assistant to the president and
founder of Quebecor inc. In particular, he developed a communications
plan to improve the perception of the company by the media and
the business community.
He is the author of the biography: Pierre Péladeau cet inconnu.

Between 1984 and 1991, he held several positions with Canada Federal Ministers
including Communications advisor to the Prime Minister of Canada.
Between 1975 and 1984, he was working in radio, television and
in the newspapers and in 1976, he was parliamentary reporter at the
National Assembly of Quebec.
You are on my personal photography website.
You will find here some of the images
from my collection.
The pictures are presented in three Galleries:
Portraits, Action and News.
«If the eyes are the mirror of the soul,
photography is a look into the soul!»
I have a collection of over 150,000 pictures taken
since my teenage years, on film and digital.
My mother,
Anita Cyr, was an amateur
photographer and she inspired me. She was
taking pictures of the family every year in front
of our house, with an old KODAK 126.
(See her private collection on her web page)
Among the great photographers of the world
that have been my mentors, my favorite is
Yousuf Karsh. I also met him few times in person
at the Château Laurier where he had his studio,
while I lived in Ottawa (1984).
At the equipment level, I started with a simple
Instamatic Kodak X-15. Despite its simplicity, this
device performed miracles and some of my best
photographs were made with this camera.
Thereafter, I discovered the 35 mm film and I
used first a Minolta X-700 before switching to
Nikon's bodies like the F100 and F5.
Today, I use much lighter tools whose main
purpose is to take fully advantage of digital
technology and the Internet social media.
Cameras like the Compact Canon G Powershot.
But the devices I consider most effective are
simple iPad and Apple iPhone.
There is also, of course, the famous softwares
Photoshop and Affinity...
I love photography and for me, this form
of expression is a way of reaching and
discovering the soul of the people from
everywhere in the world!
-Bernard Bujold
2. Céline Dion et René Angelil
Montreal - September 2002
3. Arantxa Sanchez Vicario
Montreal - August 2002
4. Isabelle Adjani - Montreal -
August 2004
5. William J. Clinton - Montreal - April 2002
6. The Rolling Stones -
Montreal - January 2003
7. Julie Depardieu -
Montreal - September 2003
8. Jacques Villeneuve - Montreal -  
June 1997
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1. Sophia Loren  - Montreal -
September 2002
9. Ben Weider - (1923-2008)
Montreal - August 2003
10. Paul Desmarais Sr.
Montréal May 2003
The List

Gérard Depardieu,
Anna Kournikova, Monica Seles,
Martina Hingis,
Julie Depardieu,
Sophia Loren, Geneviève Bujold,
Isabelle Adjani,
Heljon Deruere,
Elton John,
Kent Nagano,
Normand Legault,
Arantxa Sanchez Vicario,
Céline Dion,
André Agassi, Zachary Richard
Josée Théodore,
Ainsley Vince,
Brian Mulroney, Mila Mulroney,
Paul Martin, Richard Hatfield,
Robert De Niro,
Ben Weider,
Paul Desmarais, Laurent Beaudoin,
Misou Gélinas,
Pierre Péladeau,
Charles Aznavour, Kathy Reich,
Mary Higgins Clark,
Anita Cyr
Paul Roberge, Mario Deslauriers,
Roger Deslauriers,
The Rolling Stones,
Armand Vaillancourt,
Luce Dufault, Mademoiselle X,
Monsieur X, Miss Gym,
Général Roméo Dallaire,
Charles Dutoit, Carole Gagné
Pierre Elliot Trudeau,
André Bujold, Yanick Nezet Seguin,
Michel Chartrand,
Sa majesté Elizabeth II,
Harry Rosen, Jacques Robert,
Luciano Pavarotti, Roger D. Landry
Phil Collins, Billy Joel,
Grand Prix F1 du Canada,
Bïa, Zilon, Ginette Reno,
Francine Grimaldi, Dieudonné,
Paul Tellier, Pierre Paradis
International Bromont,
Léonard Bujold,
René Lévesque
Omnium Tennis du Maurier,
Manon D’inverness, Louis Mathieu,
Joane Corno, Raoûl Dugay
Stéphanie Bujold,
David Bujold,
William J. Clinton,
Serge Losique, André-Philippe Gagnon,
Louise Arbour, Eric Lucas,
André Bérard, Coupe Rogers AT&T,
Jean Béliveau,
Le Master de tennis du Canada,
Raymond St-Pierre, Bet-e,
Sir Richard Branson
Michelle Langstone, Charly Sciortino,
Rudy Guiliani, Raymond Malenfant
Galen Weston, Hilary Weston,
Marlène-Luce Tremblay,
Jamie Sale, David Pelletier,
Wayne Gretsky, Bernard Derome,
Gilles Gougeon, Norman Lester,
Iegor de St-Hippolyte,
Lara St-John, Belinda Stronach,
Dorothée Berryman, Lulu Hughes,
Sarah Brightman, Dr Elliott Mechanic,
Pierre Bourque,
Crise du Verglas,
Phyllis Lambert,
Bruce Springteen, Claude Gingras,
Voitures Jean Paul Riopelle,
Yves Laroche
, Pierre Jasmin,
Gilles Vigneault, Michel Phaneuf,
Jean-Claude Poitras, Fabienne Larouche,
Christiane Charette,
Pierre Lalonde,
Paulo Coelho, Michel Pagliaro,
Bernard Voyer,
Mario Dumont,
Michel Louvain, Nelly Arcand,
Georges Zimbel, Gilles Gougeon,
Kevin Parent, Bernard Landry,
Jacques Parizeau
, Diane Dufresne
Chantale Fontaine, Sophie Chiasson,
Natalie Simard, Michel Vastel
Daniel Langlois, Guy Laliberté,
Anne Marie Losique,
Bernadette Rusgal
Mélanie et Stéphanie Veilleux (FALBALA)
Marc Hamilton,
Tarzan de Bromont,
Rafael Nadal,
Julie Payette, Le Resto Plateau,
Commandant Robert Piché,
Luc Besson, Amélie Mauresmo,
Jacques Villeneuve,
Serena Williams, David Letterman,
Micheal Schumacher,
Christian Tortora,
Gilbert Rozon, Claude Dubois,
Stephen Harper Laureen Harper,
Jean-Pierre Ferland,
Joseph Ressigno,
Catherine Millette,
Heidi Hollinger, René Simard,
Marie Desjardins, Mathilde Da Silva,
Hélène Genest,  Nathalie Flynn,
Pascal Briodin, Ségolène Gautier,
Dick W. Pound,
André Chagnon, David Novek,
Bob Gainey, André Chagnon,
David Novek, Réal Raymond,
Penolope Cruze,
Stephania Gambaroff,
Nina Galitskaya,
Vitalli Gambarov, Francine Moreau
Madrigaïa, Mel's Cité du Cinéma, Claude Blanchard
Christine Atallah, Renée Martel
Yuli Turovsky, Lech Walesa,
Michel Trudel, Veronica Redgrave,
Marie-Marine Lévesque
Raymond Lévesque, Marguerite Blais
Caroline Néron
Ahmed Benbouzid, Martina Hingis
Elizabeth Starinkyj, Lulu Hughes,
Lance Armstrong, Alex Kovalev
Dan Bigras, Alda Vierro,
Simon Carrier,
Michel Tremblay,
Yann Martel, Rolf Bertch,
Maurice Richard, Denis Brott,
Hubert Reeves, Nicolas Reeves
Peter C. Newman,
Bernard Pivot
Tuula Hollinger, Michel Rondeau,
Yves Beauchemin,
Antoine et Constantin Antonopoulos,
Jerôme Ferrer, Patrice de Felice,
Elizabeth Pitcairn et le Violon rouge,
Colin Powell, Dr. Ruth,
Diane Juster, Luc Plamondon,
Herby Moreau, Arielle Dombasle,
Claudine Bertrand, Lucien Francoeur,
Alfonso Gagliano, NEeMA,
Marc-André Lavoie, Michèle Losier,
Bettina Forget, Amelia Earhart,
Belinda Stronach,
Gerald Tremblay,
Veronica Redgrave, Roy L. Heenan,
Jacques Duchesneau,
Anna Leroux,
Ben Mulroney, Catherine Berclaz,
Marie Gabrielle Ménard, Mélanie Haché
Troupe Mandala Sitù,
Mireille Lebel, Stephan Moccio
Athésia, Le Ritz de Montréal,
Maidy Teitelbaum, Geneviève Royer,
Santiago Amigorena,
Henri Salvador,
Mia Farrow, Juliette Binoche,
Saku et Hanna Koivu,
Laura Porcelli, Sofia Menghini,
Atelier lyrique Opéra de Montréal,
Anjani Thomas,
Leonard Cohen, Bernard Pivot
Margaret Trudeau,
Adam Cohen, Pierre Théberge,
Stade Olympique de Montréal,
Jacques Hébert, Jean Chrétien, Sacha Trudeau,
Sophie Grégoire,
Justin Trudeau,
Maryse Chartrand,
Jacqueline Dilmann Faure,
Sophie Marceau,
Chimène Badi,
Caroline Messier, Marie-France Riopel,
David Markham
Vittorio Fiorucci
Isabelle Huppert, Tony Curtis,
Dr.Pasquale Ferraro
Janette Bertrand,
Julie Couillard
Jean Pierre Ferland,
Robert Charlebois,
Richard Desjardins, Louise Marleau,
Mia Dumont, Diane Juster
George Chevalo
Jocelyne Primeau, Christian Tamborini,
Goguie, Caroline Primeau-Tamborini,
Mathieu Primeau-Tamborini,
Natalie McLennan
Caroline Messier, Marie-France Riopel,
Oboro, Marie Marais, Daniel Dion,
Natasha St-Pierre,
Yoko Ono, Nathalie Bondil,
Véronique Dery
Serge Joyal, Soeur Angèle
Charles Aznavour,
Anne-Sophie Dutoit
Pierre Jasmin
Sophie Van Der Stap
Hélène Mercier Arnault
Jack Layton ;
Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois ;
Mélanie Joly ;
René Angélil / Salon du livre
Aleksandra Wozniak
Camilo Guevara , Maria Sharapova,
Santa Claus ; Valé
rie Plante;
Arnold Schwarzenegger ;
Justin Trudeau; Jody Wilson
Judge Brett Kavanaugh;
Donald J. Trump ;
(To be continued...)
Note: The names in blue (Web link)
have an individual page on the site
"There is a tide in the affairs of men.
Which taken at the flood, leads on to fortune;
Omitted, all the voyage of their life is bound
in shallows and in miseries..."
-William Skakespeare (Julius Caesar)
11. Charles Aznavour
Montréal April 2009
12. Brian and Mila Mulroney - Baie Comeau
September 4 - 1984
''Life is a game with toys!
Nothing more, nothing less...''

“We are part of all those we have met...”
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13. Arnold Schwarzenegger - Montréal
January 27 - 2011
16. Justin Trudeau,
Papineau (Montréal)
April 26- 2007
19. Donald J. Trump  
June 2017
14. Maria Sharapova - Montréal
August 7, 2018
15. Armand Vaillancourt - Montréal
October 3,- 2002
20 and 21. David-Bernard and Stéphanie
(Moncton (1993) - Mont Tremblant (June 1994)
18. Judge Brett Kavanaugh
Septembre 2018
21. Bernard Bujold self-portrait - Montreal - (July 15, 2007)
17. Jody Wilson Raybould
Février 2019