The United States of America
    by David
Anti-Americanism? -  August 27 2007

All too often I see, read, hear Anti-Americanism from different sources in the world
(sometimes even from American sources themselves who disagree with the current
administration's actions or certain politicians actions in particular) that are based
on vague or broad statements.

The issue I have against this is that when we declare a statement so broad as to cover
an entire country, say "Americans are all greedy right-wingers", we are discriminating
against the part of Americans who are not. It is inaccurate and unfair to call them all that,
because even though there are some who are, there are some who aren't.

It should be said that there are a lot of good things that the United-States has
done and continues to do every day. For example, The often biased and unverified
regional medias in some Middle-East and Asian countries go unquestioned because
they are often the only medias available. These countries use this ignorance to then
manipulate their religious followers to go to war against other people in blind hate.
While some medias attempt to do the same here in the west, we also have free media
and the Internet, namely bloggers, as resources that allow us to know what is not
controlled by the mainstream media.

We also have rights and freedoms to know the truth, to verify sources, to question
authority, et cetera.

I strive to be concise in matters of criticism of government, because despite it's flaws,
a democratic society still remains largely a free society.

For all the Anti-American talk in the global community, the majority of the western world
still remains free, and from all people of the world, it deserves at least as much respect
as we give to other free countries; Finland, Great-Britain, Canada, Denmark, Australia,
are some(but not all) who rank at the top of the list of democratic free countries.

We must not generalize and say that any country: the US, Iran, Afghanistan; is
good or bad, they all have reasons and truths that we may not already know, all we can
do is support what we believe in and support our continued rights and freedoms such as
is being done this week in Montebello, Québec.

For more information on the global fight on rights and freedoms, you can see the
movie Zeitgeist that is available for free at